Adding trade


I am owner of a trade or association, what have'I to do to add it to your directory?

Yes, you can propose it by using the proposal. The decision of publications in the directory belongs exclusively to PagesHalal.


How much do I have to pay to add my trade or other?

Referencing in the PagesHalal directory is completely free.


I know a halal restaurant, Islamic association, etc. but I am not the owner. Can I propose it to you?

Yes, you are not obliged to be owner to propose a trade, an association, or any other locality.


How much time it is necessary to validate my proposal?

We make several checks before any addition, this can take two to three weeks.


How do I have to do to add or modify a trade's description already present in the directory?

You have to send us your description by email or by using the contact's form.



What is charity in pageshalal?

Charity in pageshalal is a directory of organizations which collects donation.


Who are target of charity in PagesHalal ?

Any person wishing to make donation.


Who can make a call for donation?

human organization, mosquet, registred association.


How to make a call for donation on PagesHalal?

You find all information in donation page.


How making call for donation on PagesHalal cost?

Making call for donation is free.



Why is it interesting to start advertizing with pageshalal?

You have a particular audience what enables you to better target your advertising.


I want to advertise with pageshalal, how do I have to proceed?

You find all information on the advertising page.

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